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Aideed Medina is a Poet @fairiesinc on IG

Bo Beeryman aka Wesley Sommers was born along the Brandywine River; likes a good ale and a nice pinch of Southern Star for the pipe.


Bradley enjoys tending to SubRosa's patio and garden.

Briana Fischella is a print artist and writer and wetland researcher. 

Cassandra Brown

Cole Hersey

Colleen McCullough is an emphatic, empathetic pseudofemme living in Santa Cruz, CA. This is the first time she has publicly shared her work, despite writing for most of her life (and feels very apprehensive about doing so). She hopes that you may chose to read her words out loud and in conversation with comrades.

Delma Soult is an artist, and accountant at Pie Ranch an educational farm up the coast. Delma lives in La Honda, CA and her art reflects the whirls and turns of her surroundings: paths of redwoods, amongst oak chaparral and a jutting coastline. Not to mention the warm and wet winds that wind it all together. 

Denise Chasin “When growing up I had two favorite activities; playing in the woods and drawing. As I grew up I wanted to illustrate children's books and draw but life got in the way. Other peoples ideas became larger than my own and I played it safe and left my drawing behind. No regrets on that front as I found an abundant world full of family, friends, nature and many animals. Now having moved to the west coast and settling into California I cannot believe the abundance and diversity of flowers and plants. The bursts of color and pattern and their infinite grace brighten my world daily.  I spend a lot of time in nature and finally am free to draw again. "All of the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today"

Diana Tataru likes plants and people and most things in between. She's still trying to envision the end goal and feels pretty confused about most things.

Roxanne Friedman likes caressing pussy willow and wisteria seed pods when anxious, taking cat naps with their cat, smelling roses, taking nudes, and shooting portraits of friends that elevate the magic of queer intimacies. 

Dorothy Burl Wood is an herbalist, weaver, and musician residing on occupied and unceded Awaswas Ohlone Territory. Burl teaches workshops on natural dyeing and medicine making from a land-tending perspective, using plants that are labeled as “invasive” and native species that have historically relied on fire and active management to thrive. Her philosophy is based on building relationship with landscapes, and understanding history, context and the layers complexity that make up place.

E.Coletta, bird biologist, struck with check-out aisle promises of the surprising health benefits of regular foods, resolves to eat cherries. Similar resolve has not proven effective in the ways of love. While helpful in warfare, resolve and efficacy are conspicuously truant in cherry pies, as they are in dancing cheek to cheek.

Elena Stanley

Emma Haas is a pretty typical pisces - likes blackberries fresh off the vine, coffee, dreamy ocean days, cuddling with comrades, and drumming in mixed meters.

Emma Wheeler (Alder) enjoys talking endlessly about the vague term ‘pockets of resistance,’ tending relationships, tending the land, checking out flowers’ sexy bits under hand lenses, and making music with pals by candlelight. Alder can usually be found giving or receiving IT band massages, amateurly blading out feelings at the roller rink, or eating takis on long drives until stomach linings start to burn.

Eric Medina


Ethan Pezzolo ‘​​​​Hai, my name is Ethan Pezzolo. I am a little seed with a cracked husk, a south swell and a northern gust. I am a recent UCSC grad who is trying really hard to keep going. The Spring time is muddy and the Summer is crisp, I'm ready to uncover what the blistering heat will reveal.’


Grace Williams would rather be swimming in a pool. So she's going to do that instead of writing a bio, and then possibly she will also make herself a tuna sandwich.

Han Zhang, and the rest is a mystery


Jeanne Rosen Sofen is a long-time Santa Cruz artist, bringing her fascination with nature into her artwork. Her imagery ranges from streams and forests to birds and wildflowers. She incorporates various art papers into her paintings for the textural effect, enriching the imagery. She has shown in local galleries, participated in Open Studios, and has completed large commissions for hospitals regionally. You can see more of her work at, and on Facebook at Jeanne Rosen Sofen Art.

Jenni Peters is an Elementary Science Teacher/Amateur Wildlife Photographer; Interested in spreading messages of conservation to protect all species and raise awareness of what lives right in our backyards: Instagram: Jennifishphotos

Jenny Holladay's creations can be found at


Jenny Reike

Jon Vought grew up mostly in the suburbs of Washington DC and removed non-native honey suckle and other invasive vines from wooded areas. Since getting to California Jon had kind of gone head over heals over the native flora.

Kate Jaffe

Khalsa Aquatica is a woodland creature with much love for the Santa Cruz mountains- herbalist and doula

Leslie Albuquerque

Lidia Tropeano is an outdoor educator and wood cut artist. She revels in colors of natural dyes, wildflower blooms, and on point pasta sauce. 

Linda Anderson


Matthew Harmon 

Melody Overstreet

Mira Michelle is an educator, artist and advocate. Mira teaches courses on transformative leadership and cultivates resilience. 

Peg Crews

Rebekah Boettcher was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest near Mount Rainier National Park.  She recently relocated to Santa Cruz and just completed her California Naturalist Certification.  Currently, Rebekah is heading up a new outdoor after school program called After School Adventures in Mount Hermon, CA and is loving exploring the local area.  

Rose Mansell is currently a first year student at UCSC studying Environmental Studies and Ecology & Evolution. She loves coffee, camping, playing guitar, her cat Arthur, and the Grateful Dead. She is amazed and inspired by the natural world and can’t wait to see where her next years in school takes her.

Sage Farrell 

Savita Joshi

Simone Albuquerque is a chaser of vim and whimsy and along the way stumbled into this almanac project. She soon learned that publishing is an art and is glad for all the graphic design and organizational help that made this site possible, even if it is summer now. @qualdrie_

Sheila Coll lives in San Rafael CA and works as the Program Director for a non-profit that operates China Camp State Park. In her spare time she is also an artist and connoisseur of chubby cats and otter photos.

Sophie Holin loves being in and around the ocean, eating strictly delicious, doodling outside or inside, and capturing good faces and places on 35 mm film.  @soo0oooph; paintings at

Sophie Lev is an underwear seamstress who is terrible at cooking rice and can lick their elbow.

Spencer Klinefelter  is a naturalist and educator focusing on sense of place and stewardship. He would prefer to be birding right now. In fact, he might be when you read this. @ _littlefield

Stephanie Dittrich is 25 years old and a senior in Environmental Studies at UCSC. She has a passion for understanding the ways diverse ecosystems interrelate with each other and a childlike curiosity when it comes to exploring nature and documenting its beauty. She is a photographer, poet, musician, and a lover of ecology.


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