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Siren Song

By Savita Joshi

The ocean has always been magical to me. A huge living organism that breathes in, and out, with the tides.


Sometimes she is harsh -

like when the waves beat you down

and scrape you along the sand.

But there is a gentless too -

like when the white foamy blanket, Creeps up to your toes, and kisses them.


The ocean is a place where I feel strong, and connected to a lineage of those who live and love with the sea.


To me,

the ocean is the only church I’ll ever need. Stepping into her breaking waves -

is like stepping into a cathedral,

older than time.


Feeling her currents press against me - is like meeting the creator of this world, for she did help shape it’s beginning.


The ocean never lets me down.

Time and time again she welcomes me - holds me close,

sings me a song,

and lets me go.


But her touch never leaves my body, and I find myself pulled back to her - over and over again.

Bri Fischella Natural Bridges_opt (2)_edited_edited.png

Illustration by Bri Fischella

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